New Hampshire Water Well Association

About Us

  • Dan Grace, President 
  • Derek Skillings, Vice President
  • Roger Skillings, Treasurer
  • Shannon Roth,  Secretary
  • Steve Smith
  • Greg Dragon
  • Dave Hunt
  • Ezra Cushing
Click here to see an artistic and educational poster, created in 1910, illustrating the advantages of a drilled well.

NH WW Association (NHWWA) – Mission / Charter

This association shall be known as the New Hampshire Water Well Association. The object of this association shall be: generally to promote the mutual interestes and scientific advancement of those engaged in the water well industry, in their own behalf and in the public welfare; and to put the water well drilling business in New Hampshire on a thoroughly scientific and business basis; to maintain an organization to assist, promote, encourage and support the interests and welfare of the water well drilling industry within New Hampshire, to foster, aid and promote scientific education, standards, research and techniques in order to improve methods of drilling; to promote and encourage harmony and co-operation between the members and governmental agencies relative to the proper development and protection of the underground water supplies of New Hampshire; and to encourage the compliance with the laws of the State of New Hampshire and the orderly development of the same in the best interest of the organization.

Types of Members

The membership of the NHWWA includes well drillers, pump installers, water treatment professionals and suppliers to these industries.

Why Hire A Member Company

The members of the NHWWA are invested in the professionalism of the water well industry. They are involved in the betterment of the industry and are respectful of regulations. They adhere to a strict code of ethics and are committed to protection of the precious resource of groundwater.

Why Be A Member

The NHWWA allows members to learn, brainstorm and problem solve as a group. They are able gather forces to impact legislation so that laws are relevant and appropriate. They have oportunities for continuing education, networking and for exposure to new developments in vendor products and services. All of these combine to prevent isolation for business people and further the betterment of the industry and the products and services it provides the general public.